Man With Self-Flying Drone Became A Zomato Delivery Guy Just For A Day; Made Drone Deliveries

by Shreya Ghosh
Man With Self-Flying Drone Became A Zomato Delivery Guy Just For A Day; Made Drone Deliveries

How do delivery agents deliver orders to your doorstep? Usually, the guy rides a bicycle or bike to reach your home and deliver the order. But what if we tell you that recently a Zomato delivery agent did not arrive at the address but still delivered the order? Seems a bit shocking, right? A man used a drone to deliver the parcel and also shared a video about the entire experience.

This Young Guy Became A Zomato Delivery Agent For A Day & Delivered Pizza In The Most Exciting Way!

Drone enthusiasts, we have an amazing reel to share with you. Content Creator Sohan Rai worked with Zomato for a day to use his self-flying drone and the results look promising.


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Being a huge enthusiast of drones, Sohan wanted to execute his skills and put them into use to develop an autonomous drone that could deliver a pizza without the help of a pilot. He developed a self-flying drone with all his experiences and skills and some jugaad as well. The entire framing and programming were done in a way so that the drone can fly pilotless. Initially, the project crashed a few times, but the self-flying drone got all ready to take off without a pilot after some repairs.

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To enhance all the facilities and services, Sohan added a dropping mechanism as well whose function is to drop the delivery packages on the ground.

Sohan Operated The Drone & Delivered The Order From An Open Space

Picture credit- Sohan Rai Instagram (@zikiguy)

After receiving the pizza from a Pizza Hut outlet, he headed straight to an open area and loaded the order into the self-flying drone. The address of the delivery location was about 1.5 km away and he uploaded the exact delivery route to the drone so that the delivery takes place seamlessly inside the compound. Sohan flew another drone along with this self-flying device to record its journey. In just some time, the pizza reached its owner, that too in proper condition.

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Do you think that drones are about to become the next big thing in the food delivery industry? Make sure that you leave your comments about this new innovation.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Sohan Rai (@zikiguy)