Zomato Has A Request For ‘Ankita From Bhopal’ To Not Send Food To Her Ex; Tweeple Love Her Idea

by Shreya Ghosh
Zomato Has A Request For ‘Ankita From Bhopal’ To Not Send Food To Her Ex; Tweeple Love Her Idea

Zomato is dominating the industry not just by delivering orders on time but by something else too. Apart from its amazing services, people love their posts on various social media platforms. Zomato always ends up staying relevant with its humorous tweets, reels, and different uploads. From giving a fun spin to several online trends to entertaining the Netizens with witty tweets, Zomato excels in all. Recently, this delivery company tweeted something and Twitterati is going ROFL!

Zomato Requested Ankita From Bhopal To Not Place An Order For Her Ex. But Why?

The phase after breaking up with the partner is somewhat awkward, disappointing, and a mixture of thousand emotions. A girl from Bhopal did something hilarious with her ex and Zomato has a special request for her.

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Taking to Twitter, Zomato requested ‘Ankita from Bhopal’ to stop ordering food at her ex’s address. Ankita placed orders for her ex thrice, that too on cash on delivery. Seeing this, her ex-boyfriend refused to pay at all. Zomato’s post on requesting Ankita to stop sending food to her ex has garnered all the attention and Tweeple are having a great laugh reading it.

Netizens Like This Idea; Some Are Also About To Try It

We are a bit confused whether Ankita from Bhopal actually did this or this is yet another tweet by Zomato to amuse Netizens and gain perfect traction on social media. Tweeple are not bothered to know the reality and authenticity of the actual incident. They are simply having a gala time reacting to it. Tweeted on Wednesday morning, the tweet has already garnered more than 302K views with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and retweets.

Some Netizens shared how they are going to use this fun idea by Ankita. Here are some fun reactions online.

Twitter user Shubham2.0 (@bhav_paaji) asked the food giant to ‘giver her a break’. Well, he has a hashtag for this as well.

Oh no! Something similar happened before as well.

Hahaha! Now this is surely an unexpected plot twist.

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Well, will you use this idea? Will you place an order for your ex without paying for it?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ zomato (@zomato), Canva