To Curb Overtourism, Greece To Allow Only 20,000 Visitors Per Day To Ancient Acropolis Of Athens

by Shreya Shriyan
To Curb Overtourism, Greece To Allow Only 20,000 Visitors Per Day To Ancient Acropolis Of Athens

Athens’s magnificent Acropolis in Greece is an iconic historical site that stands as proof of the city’s rich heritage and architectural geniuses. The Acropolis gives an awe-inspiring view of the Greek capital and boasts an extraordinary collection of ancient temples. But, this also puts it at great risk of over-tourism and deterioration. So, in order to curb the issue, Greece has decided to limit the number of visitors allowed at the historical site. 

Greece To Allow Only 20K Visitors Per Day At Acropolis Of Athens

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The Greek government announced on August 2 that visits to the Acropolis of Athens in Greece will be capped starting next month. The maximum daily limit will be set at 20,000 visitors. Additionally, visitors will be subject to varying hourly entry limits, stated Hindustan Times.

Culture Minister Lina Mendoni stressed the need for controls at the Acropolis of Athens to avoid bottlenecks and overcrowding. Each day, as many as 23,000 visitors, mostly large groups have been crammed into the UNESCO World Heritage site, stated reports.

To address this, the Greek government will cap daily visits at 20,000 and apply different hourly entry limits, starting next month. The report also mentioned that in an interview with the Real FM radio network, Mendoni stated how huge the number was.

She also emphasized that tourism is desirable for the country and everyone. But the challenge is to find ways to prevent excessive tourism from harming the monument. The minister announced that the new entry limits would be implemented on a trial basis from Sept. 4. 

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What You Need To Know

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Image Credits: Canva (Representative image)

As per the reports, they will become permanent from April 1, 2024. Visits will have no time limit. However, Mendoni noted that people from organized tours or cruise ships, constituting about 50% of daily visitors, typically spend an average of 45 minutes at the site.

The site’s 8 AM  to 8 PM opening hours will allow varying numbers of visitors each hour. Half of the Acropolis’ foot traffic currently arrives between 8 AM and noon, according to Mendoni. Under the new system, from 8 AM to 9AM, 3,000 people will be granted access, followed by 2,000 during the next hour, reported Hindustan Times.

Reports also state that the numbers will continue to vary throughout the rest of the day. The decision for the Acropolis was made after consulting with tour and cruise operators. It was delayed due to Greece’s June 25 general election, stated the report.

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Overtourism remains a big concern for many popular destinations around the world. While tourism brings numerous economic benefits, its unchecked growth can lead to serious consequences for the environment and historical landmarks.

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