Top 7 Late-Night Diners In Delhi NCR For A Delicious Meal

by Mallika Khurana
Top 7 Late-Night Diners In Delhi NCR For A Delicious Meal

Are you someone who doesn’t like having a deadline on when you can go out to eat? Have you been suppressing your cravings at midnight? Is ordering food late at night a compromise for you? Well, that ends now!

With our ultimate list of late-night diners around you, the foodie in you will never have to compromise again.

Here is a list of the top late-night diners in New Delhi that will serve you at any time of day with the utmost courtesy. No matter how odd the hours are, you’ll be fed.

Best Late-Night Diners In Delhi NCR

1. Horn Please Resto Cafe

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Photo credits: Instagram/Blooms Restaurant

Horn Please is an Indian and Chinese restaurant, situated inside the Hotel Royal Castle Grand and located across from the Deshbandhu Apartment, satiating your midnight hunger. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs, rolls, thalis, curries, biryanis, small and large combos, hot and cold beverages, ice cream shakes, and coffee on the menu. 

Where: Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

When: 11:30 am-4 am

Cost: Rs 900 (for two)

2. AnnaMaya

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Photo Credits: Instagram/AnnaMaya

One of Delhi’s top five-star restaurants is AnnaMaya. It is a favourite spot in Delhi for late-night dining and is open around the clock. The restaurant’s menu focuses on handmade, organic local items to support the local native community.

Where: Andaz Delhi, Aerocity, New Delhi

When: 6:30 am-12 am

Cost: Rs 3500 (for two)

3. Yellow Brick Road

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Photo Credits: Website/Seleqtions Hotels

A vintage-style diner with a 24-hour open kitchen, Yellow Brick Door offers a  scrumptious meal and a cozy feel. It is situated in the Ambassador Hotel. 

Where: Ambassador, Khan Market, New Delhi

When: 24 hours

Cost: Rs 4000 (for two)

4. Moolchand Parantha

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A late night location for lovers of parathas and paranthas is called Moolchand Parantha. You can enjoy every bite of crispy paranthas with raita or lassi, whether it’s dawn or dusk. There are both vegetarian options like aloo parantha, paneer parantha, and pyaaz parantha as well as non-vegetarian options like egg parantha, chicken parantha, and keema parantha

Where: Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi

When: 9 am-12 am

Cost: Rs 400 (for two)

5. DEL

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Photo Credits: Website/Roseate Hotels

DEL, Roseate House, New Delhi is one of the best all-day diners in Delhi NCR.  Asian, Continental, and North Indian cuisines are all offered on their delectable and elaborate menu, that changes at every meal time. 

Where: Roseate House, Aerocity, New Delhi

When: 24 hours

Cost: Rs 3500 (for two)

6. Throttle Shrottle

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Photo Credits: Instagram/Throttle Shrottle

For the bikers at heart and animal loving people, there is a restaurant called Throttle Shrottle that should definitely be in your must-visit list.  This is a 24-hour open restaurant which is also a bike workshop. It’s the perfect place to socialise with your fellow biker buddies. Its menu features coffees, paratha, pizza, pasta,  sandwich, sizzlers, and more. 

Where: South City 1, Gurgaon

When: 24 hours

Cost: Rs 500 (For two)

7. K3 – JW Marriott New Delhi

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Photo Credits: Website/K3

K3 is a buffet-style restaurant open around the clock. It serves a variety of meals from India, Tuscany, and Canton, as well as other international flavours. It is tucked inside JW Marriott.

Where: JW Marriot New Delhi, New Delhi

When: 24 hours

Cost: Rs 4000 (for two)

These eateries are the ideal venues in New Delhi for folks who can eat all day long. You can host a party or simply eat whenever you want. These eateries will provide you with delectable meals and a laid-back atmosphere if you’re a foodie.

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