Tourism Surges In Jamaica After COVID 19 Restrictions Were Lifted; Airport Sees Long Queues!

by Mallika Khurana
Tourism Surges In Jamaica After COVID 19 Restrictions Were Lifted; Airport Sees Long Queues!

The Caribbean islands are a perfect spot for all those who seek a tropical vacation, and Jamaica is one of those places. However, tourism in the country dropped quite a bit due to COVID-19 and the restrictions brought about by the pandemic. Now that the restrictions have been lifted, the state of tourism in the country was boosted by 100%, causing bustle at the airport.

Rise In Jamaica Tourism Caused Long Lines At The Airport

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The pristine beaches of Jamaica were really being missed by tourists from all around the world. When they got the chance, they hopped on a flight straight to the beautiful country. Consequently, long lines and queues started forming at the main airport. As per the Tourism Minister, the state of chaos arrived due to the inadequate number of staff members at the airport.

Due to this shortage, it took much longer to process all the incoming tourists at Sangster International Airport. The minister also shared that from January to March 2023, 1.18 million tourists flew into the country, setting a record. This certainly marks a recovery in the country’s tourism as well. However, with respect to the shortage of staff, the minister stated that airports across the globe are facing a similar problem, as many workers didn’t come back to work after the pandemic.

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The Airport Is Undergoing A Massive Expansion

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Addressing the measures to solve the problem, the authorities at the airport revealed that they will eliminate the need for paperwork altogether. Even the Prime Minister of Jamaica said that Sangster Airport will undergo a modernisation and expansion project that will cost $70 million, and is projected to be finished by 2025.

Once the project is completed, it will turn around the Jamaican airport completely, making it bolder in comparison to airports in neighbouring countries. For $34 million, the runway at this airport is in the process of getting longer. These prominent steps are being taken to boost tourism in Jamaica even more. By 2025, the island plans to host 5 million tourists annually.

The expansion project is already underway, and plans on a lot more improvements that will completely avoid a similar situation in the future.

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