Tourists Are Flocking To Shimla This Holiday Season But Are Disappointed With No Snowfall

This holiday season, Shimla is witnessing a massive influx of tourists but no snowfall!

by Shreya Rathod
Tourists Are Flocking To Shimla This Holiday Season But Are Disappointed With No Snowfall

The Shimla district police said they were expecting a massive influx of tourists in advance of Christmas and the year-end celebrations. Over a lakh tourist cars are anticipated to arrive in the hill town during the final week of December, the night before Christmas and New Year’s Eve. However, Shimla has not received snowfall and tourists are disappointed about it.

Tourists Are Flocking To Shimla But Disappointed With No Snowfall

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In an effort to promote Himachal Pradesh’s customs and culture while luring visitors to the state for year-end revelry, the mayor of Shimla City has organised the first-ever winter funfair. As the year comes to an end, a growing number of tourists have already begun to arrive in the hilly state, drawn by the prospect of snowfall in the unique locations.

The police anticipate that during the final week of the year, more than a lakh tourist cars will arrive in the hill town. They are prepared for a variety of problems as the seasons change. Weekends have seen an increase in the quantity of cars in the city.

The police will act as intermediaries between the traveller, the hospitality industry, and other interested parties. Further, they intend to convene meetings with every interested party. The number of tourist cars is steadily rising. From the Shogi Barrier, a specific quantity of cars enters the city. Every day, between 5,000 and 6,000 cars typically enter the city. The count has since increased to 12,000–13,000 ahead of the year-end celebrations. They anticipate a further increase in this number to 20,000 during the holidays and the new year.

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On December 25, Christmas Day, the week-long winter funfair will begin in the afternoon. The Shimla Municipal Corporation is optimistic about this area’s tourism industry’s resurgence. Through the funfair, the mayor hopes to promote eco-friendly and clean tourism in the highlands.

Winter Fair In The City

shimla tourists snowfall
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According to Shimla Mayor Surinder Chauhan, they are organising a winter funfair for the first time in Shimla. For the past three days, they have been holding talks with officials and stakeholders. They are prepared to perform musical selections and traditional folk dances. On December 25, the chief minister will kick off the week-long winter funfair. Additionally, 500 ladies will participate in a traditional folk dance.

Residents and visitors to Shimla are in for an unusual sight this year as the holiday season draws near and the air turns crisp with winter; this indicates that the quaint hill station will not be celebrating a conventional white Christmas. Shimla, which is well-known for its gorgeous snow-covered vistas in the winter, is going through a change from its typical wintry spectacle, giving visitors and locals alike a different kind of holiday vibe.

This season’s lack of snow in Shimla is caused by several causes. The Indian Meteorological Department’s climatologists attribute the region’s climate to shifting patterns in the world’s weather, such as the El Niño and Indian Ocean Dipole phenomena.

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These fluctuations in the weather can cause departures from the typical patterns of precipitation and temperature, which can affect how snow forms in Shimla and other Himalayan areas.

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