Are Traditional Hotels Ruining Your Stay With Bae? Here’s The Solution

by Kritika Kukreja
Are Traditional Hotels Ruining Your Stay With Bae? Here’s The Solution

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StayUncle is everything that unmarried couples who love to travel together are looking for. 

What Is It? 

Don’t you just hate it when you’re planning to book a hotel with your better half and the staff treats you like you’re doing something illegitimate? Well, that won’t be an issue anymore!

Let’s face it, India is a country that isn’t too comfortable with the idea of an unmarried couple traveling and renting a hotel room together. We might be progressive in a lot of ways, but a hotel’s reception will certainly ask a lot of questions to a couple looking to rent the room if they’re not married.

But a Delhi based start-up known by the name of ‘StayUncle’ has put the pressure at ease. They have extended a hand to neutralize all the interrogations placed on unmarried traveling couples. This start-up gives a breath of relief to anyone and everyone looking to book hotels without a hassle.

What’s In It?

As their tag line suggests, “Couples need a room, not a judgment”, the co-founder of StayUncle has raised a voice against this injustice. He believes if 2 consenting adults want to rent a room together, they should be given the right to do that.

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StayUncle has listed over 500 hotels in India

At StayUncle, it is possible to book a room for many nights or even a few hours depending on the hotel’s policies. From 5 star hotels being listed to low-key motels, StayUncle has it all.

There are no laws in India which prevent an unmarried couple from living together. This start-up brings a stop to the moral policing faced by young couples who have been bitten by the bug of wanderlust.

Travel with your partner with StayUncle

What Else?

StayUncle has been able to list over 500 hotels spreading around 20 different cities of India including Amritsar, Agra and Mahabaleshwar. The properties listed with this online start-up are immensely lavish and comfortable for young adults traveling with their partners.

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What are you waiting for? Book now!


Can’t wait to book a vacation with your bae? Here’s what you need to know –

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It is estimated that 7 out of 10 hotels in India will outrightly refuse an unmarried couple to rent a room in their property. Why? Because they want to maintain the family friendly atmosphere. But StayUncle has put all of it to rest. Now young couples can easily book hotels without being questioned or being judged.


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