Travel To Nepal & Bhutan Using Only Your Aadhar Card

by Kritika Kukreja 2279

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Indians under 15 and over 65 can now travel to Nepal & Bhutan by showing their Aadhar Card.

What Is It?

Aadhar card has now been added in the list of documents to use to enter Nepal & Bhutan. Indians over 15 and under 65 can use their valid passport, PAN card, Election card, Ration card and now even their Aadhar card to visit the 2 countries. The Aadhar card has a unique 12 digit number for every citizen of India which is a valid document and has been recognized by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Indians to use Aadhar card to enter Nepal & Bhutan

Indians to use Aadhar card to enter Nepal & Bhutan

Procedure For Nepal

Indians falling in the mentioned age bracket will have to obtain necessary registration documents from the Embassy of India in Kathmandu before entering the 2 countries. But make note that this registration document will be valid only for one visit. If the passenger wishes to travel the next time using Aadhar card, the passenger will have to get the documents from Embassy of India in Kathmandu once again.

Procedure For Bhutan

For travelling to Bhutan, Indians need an ID proof (including Aadhar card) or a valid passport. The rules for entering Bhutan are slightly more relaxed because there are nearly 10,000 workers that travel from to and fro Bhutan each day for work purposes.

Tiger's Nest Monastery - Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest Monastery – Bhutan