Travel Without Passport: 6 Things You Can Do In Paralakhemundi, Odisha’s Historical Town

Paralakhemundi in Odisha is one of the oldest towns in India. And here is what you can do at this place!

by Shreya Rathod
Travel Without Passport: 6 Things You Can Do In Paralakhemundi, Odisha’s Historical Town

In the Indian state of Odisha, Paralakhemundi, sometimes referred to as Parala, is the district headquarters of Gajapati district and one of the oldest municipalities, having been founded in 1885. The majority of the town’s residents speak Odia. The District and the City are bounded by Andhra Pradesh. The Mahendra Tanaya River divides Pathpatnam, the nearby town. Here’s all about what you can do in this historic town!

Odisha’s Paralakhemundi & Its Century-Old Palaces!

The town is well recognised for being the birthplace of well-known figures, as well as for its century-old palaces, monasteries, temples, and historic structures. It is also known for being a historical cultural centre of Odisha.

With a rich literary, cultural, and historical past, Paralakhemundi was once a state zamindari. It is currently a part of the Gajapati district in Odisha, having previously been a part of the Ganjam district. The town serves as the municipality’s name-brand headquarters. By road, the state capital Bhubaneswar is almost 280 km away from Paralakhemundi town. However, you can travel to it from Visakhapatnam in the adjoining state of Andhra Pradesh, which is around 170 km away by car.

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Things To Do In This Historical Town Of Odisha

1. Visit Gajapati Palace

The fort where the Gajapati kings once resided is called Gajapati Palace, and it is situated in Paralakhemundi. The Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati constructed the palace. The palace is renowned for its rich culture.

2. Visit Brundabana Palace

Brundabana Palace is another name for B.N. Palace and it was built by Krishna Chandra Gajapati, the Paralakhemundi Maharaja. The palace is thought to have been started by the Paralakhemundi monarch in an effort to improve the state’s aesthetic appeal. It is reported that the palace was used in the summer by the king as a retreat.

3. Head To Gandahati Waterfall

The Gandahati waterfall is a well-liked natural landmark. It is a popular tourist destination in Odisha’s Gajapati District that sees a lot of traffic in the winter. This waterfall is well-known for its sparkling cascade, which flows consistently and year-round. Visitors from all surrounding places have been drawn to it by its beautiful charm amidst the forest cover.

4. Visit Mahendragiri

Mahendragiri’s lush hills are roughly 40 kilometres away from Paralakhemundi. Renowned for its rich biodiversity, this peak is the second highest in the state. On the hill, trekking is also an option, but you will need a guide. The base village for travellers passing through Paralakhemunid is Burukhat.

5. Head To Mankadadian Waterfalls

The Mankadadian waterfall is located approximately 75 miles from Paralakhemundi. The waterfall plummets to collect in a serene pool and then continues on its way out. This is a well-liked location for winter picnics.

6. Explore Handicrafts

The crafts created from cattle horns are well-known in Paralakhemundi. Originally, horned bird figures were created by the painters. But over time, they started creating human figures, animal shapes, etc. Along Palace Road, there are numerous showrooms with a variety of goods. Jae Khadi is another craft that is exclusive to this area.

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