Inside Access: A Smart Traveller’s Shoe Guide

by Akriti Seth
Inside Access: A Smart Traveller’s Shoe Guide

You’re a traveler, you say and then you don’t have the must-haves of Traveler’s Shoe Rack. Nah! Does not work well with us. Here’s a list of 6 must-haves. Keeping your comfort and occasion in mind, we’ve curated this list for you.

You can thank us later, no one’s in a hurry.

1. Beach Flip-Flops

Well, yeah try wearing your new white sneakers or knee-high boots to the beach. You’d know why exactly you need beach flip flops. These can get you through hostel showers, lazy evening walks and hot days under the sun.

Beach Flip-Flops

2. Walking shoes

No, you can’t wear your flip-flops for 10 hrs of sight-seeing. Get yourself nice lace-up shoes. Why? Because they’re easier to adjust when your feet doubles the size after 10 hours of roaming around. Opt in for for nice sneakers or Converse Chuck Taylors (low rise), they’re comfy for short distances.

P.S. You can pair them up with anything at all.

3. Boots

You’re going to be in a cold-zone or maybe want a waterproof shoe, a low-cut boot suits the best. They look sexy and sharp with jeans and tights or even your summer dresses.

P.S. Get a neutral shade and get a lightweight one.

Boots - Traveler's Shoe Guide

4. Goody two-shoes

A pair of nice ballerinas or penny loafers, shoes with maybe a little heel. They can take you anywhere from a museum visit to a wine bar or even a date with that cutie who sat next to you in the flight. I tell you what, a black or a tan one would do a great job. Anytime.

Ballerinas - Casual Date

5. Hiking/Trekking shoes

Nah, regular walking shoes won’t cut it here. If you’re planning on an adventure trip or a good hike, I am sure you won’t mind a little extra weight. Plus, it saves you from all the tripping, slipping, falling and hurting yourself as there is a high chance there might be no Prince Charming saving you there.

Trekking Shoes

6. Gum boots

They aren’t as great a help every time but you can double them up as you go deep into the wild as they provide good protection from leeches, cuts and scratches. In a rainy terrain, ah, nothing would be a better help than this. Dries fast, you know.

Gum boots

Some tips on your shoes here for FREE! FREE! FREE!
  • Wear your heaviest shoes when travelling even though slip-ons make security check faster. This will sure reduce your luggage weight.
  • I’d suggest limit colours to black and brown, dark colours help hide stains and scuffs, you know. Get a matching belt, too, if you want to look chic.
  • Stuff in smaller items (i.e. undergarments, socks, jewellery) into your shoes. Save space and prevent them from getting crushed.
  • Use shower caps to cover the bottom of your shoes in the suitcase.
  • I love heels, check out thrift stores when you arrive and have a night of fun for a couple of bucks. Later leave them in the bin or carry them back, if you love them.

In case of footwear, it’s always comfort over looks when you travel. Make sure you buy the most comfortable of all and enjoy the ride.

I know you love me already. Thanks.

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