Travelling Abroad For Christmas, NY? Is It Safe? What To Avoid? Precautions To Take & More Inside

While the world is gearing up to celebrate Christmas and the New Year by travelling to new spots, here's what one should take care of.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Travelling Abroad For Christmas, NY? Is It Safe? What To Avoid? Precautions To Take & More Inside

The coronavirus has made a comeback in many different states and nations. While the world is gearing up to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, many people are also planning to travel overseas. As a preventive precaution, several nations are placing limitations on foreign travel. Although Singapore has implemented the required face masks at airports, Malaysia and other nations are considering implementing similar measures in the event that COVID-19 instances persist.

Travelling For Christmas, NY? Take Care

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If you are contemplating a trip overseas at this critical juncture, you need to be informed of the travel regulations in these nations.

Many Asian nations are currently reintroducing face masks and thermal scanners in the midst of a surge in COVID cases caused by the JN.1 mutation. According to the most recent reports, over the past two weeks, there has been a spike in COVID cases in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

In general, one must avoid touching their eyes and nose while travelling. Wearing a mask is another precautionary measure one can surely follow. If you have symptoms of COVID, refrain travelling! 

Countries That Have Released Advisories

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Following the rise of COVID-19 cases, Singapore has mandated the use of face masks at airports. After discovering an alarming 56,000 new COVID cases, the Singaporean government released new travel and citizen restrictions. Notably, in reaction to the increased number of infections, Singapore’s Health Ministry has taken the above actions.

China has seen an increase in COVID cases since December 15. The Chinese government, citing factors such as imported cases, claimed that although JN.1 frequency is currently “very low” in the nation, they do not rule out the prospect of it taking over as the predominant strain.

The coronavirus subvariant JN.1, which is the fastest-growing strain, is thought to be responsible for 20% of new COVID infections in the US, which is another reason why the country is seeing an increase in COVID cases. Travellers from outside the US may be subject to limitations if there are additional cases. (As per

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India Too Reported Some Active Cases

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Similar to this, a week before Christmas and New Year’s, COVID infections nearly doubled in Malaysia, a well-liked travel destination. But instead of enforcing a lockdown, the government is concentrating on community tracing via the TRIIS system. The Union Health Minister told residents to acquire a COVID booster date and encouraged older people and those with underlying medical conditions to wear masks.

Indonesia has seen a 13% increase in COVID cases since November, with an average of 200 cases per day being reported in Jakarta. According to the Health Ministry, hospitalisations are under control, and 90% of cases are asymptomatic or moderately symptomatic. The government has brought back thermal scanners in strategic spots and encouraged citizens to take booster doses. In addition, residents have been urged to wear masks and avoid going to locations where there has been an increase in cases.

Talking about India, the number of active COVID cases in India increased on Friday due to the reappearance of the new strain. Kerala reported 265 instances, while India’s active cases amounted to 328 in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Union Ministry of Health.

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Make sure you follow the precautions as updated and stay safe!

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