Travelling From Singapore To Delhi With Your Pet Dog? Creator Shares The Entire Cost Breakdown

Are you planning to board a flight with your pet? This article provides a cost breakdown of this journey.

by Shreya Ghosh
Travelling From Singapore To Delhi With Your Pet Dog? Creator Shares The Entire Cost Breakdown

Imagine assembling your life in suitcases to shift to a new place. From decluttering memories to choosing only necessary and special belongings, packing everything is tiresome. Next, taking those bags to the airport and praying for the luggage not to exceed the specified limit is another long strenuous process. The journey can get a bit more difficult if you have a pet and need to take your furry baby on your journey too. A content creator shared her experience about moving to Delhi from Singapore with her pet dog. If you also have similar plans, read on.

Creator Explained Her Journey From Singapore To Delhi With Her Cutie Pie Pet Dog

Renowned Instagram content creator Satshya revealed her overseas journey experiences.

Satshya’s pet weighs over 7 kg. This is why the adorable baby had to travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft as excess baggage. She used an airline-approved crate to carry her little dog to Delhi. Sitting inside a carrier and travelling for hours is not the easiest job. To make the journey convenient, the creator trained her dog for a few weeks and let her practice sitting inside the crate.

Let’s take a look at the cost breakdown for the dog travelling on a flight from Singapore to Delhi. 

  • The crate to carry the furry pet dog cost the creator ₹6,000. She added that it was a secondhand piece. A new one will cost shoppers more than this.
  • Contacting an agency to assist on this journey is a great idea. It surely simplifies the process. Satshya spent ₹41,300 on agency charges. She selected services directly from the airport and hence it cost her an additional charge of ₹17,000. She even suggested this process to everyone as it was very helpful.
  • Like human passengers, paw friends need to pay for their travel too. The creator explained that she had to pay ₹24,000 to take her pet dog to Delhi from Singapore. This cost for pets is considered excess baggage fees.
  • Lastly, she spent ₹12,000 on documents, consulting a vet, and more.

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Key Details To Remember

Dog From Singapore To Delhi
Picture credit- Canva

Vaccinations need to be maintained according to the destination’s latest guidelines. Also, it is extremely crucial to follow the steps and get all documents from departure and arrival countries. Satshya recommended Petfly, a well-known pet relocator company, for this entire process. Getting necessary assistance from agents eases the journey. Passengers do not need to stress about their pets’ travel necessities and can focus on their packing and other activities.

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Hope these important details help you to plan your overseas journey with your paw friend.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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