Travelling To Bahrain? From Dates To Cost, Learn All About The Newly Launched Tourist Tax

All about the latest tax in Bahrain.

by Deeplata Garde
Travelling To Bahrain? From Dates To Cost, Learn All About The Newly Launched Tourist Tax

In a bid to enhance transparency and streamline additional costs for tourists, the Ministry of Tourism in Bahrain has rolled out a new tourist tax applicable to hotel accommodations across the kingdom. Effective May 1, 2024, travellers will be subject to a nominal fee of three Bahraini dinars per room per day, equivalent to approximately Dh30.

Implications of the Tourist Tax

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This latest development comes as the Ministry of Tourism seeks to standardize additional costs associated with hotel stays and provide visitors with a clearer understanding of their expenses when planning trips to Bahrain. By incorporating the tourist tax into room rates, the ministry aims to promote transparency and ensure a seamless experience for travellers.

Anticipated Revenue Boost

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The introduction of the tourist tax is expected to have a significant impact on Bahrain’s revenue stream, potentially bolstering the state budget by up to three million dinars annually. This projection is based on an estimated hotel room occupancy rate of 40% per year, highlighting the potential financial benefits of the new measure.

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A Guide For Hoteliers

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Are you a luxury hotel owner in Bahrain, ready to start collecting the new tourist tax? Here’s a simple guide to help you understand the basics: First, consider if this tax is subject to Bahraini VAT. It’s a bit confusing, but it’s important to figure out to avoid problems later on. Next, think about your existing bookings made before May 1, 2024. How does this new tax change things financially? Get ready to make some adjustments with skill and finesse.


Bahrain is moving towards enhancing its tourism infrastructure and improving the overall visitor experience. The introduction of the tourist tax represents a proactive step towards achieving these goals. The Ministry of Tourism implements transparent pricing policies. Also generating additional revenue it aims to position Bahrain as a premier tourist destination. It ensures sustainability and growth in the tourism sector. Travellers planning trips to Bahrain can now factor in the tourist tax when budgeting for their accommodations, allowing for a smoother and more informed travel experience in the kingdom.

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