Travelling To Tokyo? Get Travel Advice, Itineraries & More From This FREE Online Tourist Guide

by Shreya Ghosh

There are so many questions, hesitations, and confusion running through our minds, every time we plan to visit someplace new. The concerning thoughts increase way further if the destination is a new nation, somewhere abroad. With the change in language, currency, and people’s lives, there are not many similarities between our places and overseas and this often leads to many questions before travelling. To answer all your confusion and help you with proper advice, there is a great solution. If you have plans to travel to Tokyo, you can now get advice from professionals for absolutely free and plan your trip accordingly.

Tokyo Tourist Information Center Is Here To Help You!

Tokyo is home to a lot of fun experiences. From tons of beautiful destinations to explore to witnessing the natural beauty of the city to gorging on delish cuisine; there’s just a lot to do and explore here. So if you are facing a lot of queries while planning your Tokyo itinerary, here’s a simple solution for it. Contact the Tokyo Tourist Information Center from any corner of the world and get answers and proper advice on all sorts of questions related to the Japan capital.

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Anyone can have a conversation with a Tokyo Tourist Information Center member about this process. This is a great solution to deal with the extreme stress of planning a trip to Tokyo and also travelling here for the first time without any additional anxiety about the whereabouts. How to chat with this online tour guide? Let’s find that out!

Here’s All You Need To Know About This Tourist Information Center:


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  • To talk with a member of the Tokyo Tourist Information Center, you will need a mobile or a laptop, or a computer.
  • This is just like any other video calls and conferences that were our usual thing during the COVID-19 lockdown. It is completely your decision to keep the device camera on or off.
  • The member will be showcased as an AI avatar on your screen.
  • From chatting to texting, you can even share your screen on this platform.
  • The available languages for the mode of communication are Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.
  • You can connect any time between 7 AM to 10:30 PM (Indian Standard Time).

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Will you be using this online travel guide while planning your trip to Tokyo?

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