Truly Courageous! Mountaineer Baljeet Kaur Found Alive & Rescued From Mt Annapurna In Nepal

by Shreya Rathod
Truly Courageous! Mountaineer Baljeet Kaur Found Alive & Rescued From Mt Annapurna In Nepal

Mountaineering, or mountain climbing, is one of the most courageous activities. And it requires a lot of training! Climbing on top of the mountain and surviving in a high-altitude atmosphere is difficult. With no training, it can be fatal. Recently, an Indian mountaineer, Baljeet Kaur, undertook a mountaineering expedition on Mount Annapurna in Nepal. Unfortunately, she went missing but was fortunately rescued on Tuesday morning.

Mountaineer Baljeet Kaur Was Rescued

Bajeet Kaur is a mountain climber who hails from the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. She had gone on an expedition to climb Mount Annapurna in Nepal. However, while ascending the mountain’s summit point, she went missing near Camp IV. She was found alive and rescued by Pioneer Annapurna Expedition.

According to them, Baljeet Kaur, along with Pasang Sherpa and Kami Sherpa, had conquered Mount Annapurna I Peak. However, the road wasn’t easy and these mountaineers had trained extensively. While ascending from the mountain, Baljeet Kaur went missing and the team started an aerial search operation. After several efforts, the team was able to contact the missing mountaineer and she was air-lifted.

After the air-lift, the rescue team posted a Facebook post stating that Baljeet Kaur was rescued and flown to the Annapurna camp base. She will be flown back to Kathmandu for a medical examination. They further applauded her courage, determination and strength.

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Mount Annapurna’s Terrain Is A Difficult One!

This is the tenth-highest mountain and is located in Nepal’s Gandaki Province. Climbing it is difficult due to the strenuous terrain filled with steep slopes and cliffs. In fact, the mountain has a fatality rate of 32 per cent. Therefore, the news of Baljeet Kaur surviving this incident is such a relief. The rescue team credits her preparation, training and survival skills that helped her.

Apparently, the sponsors had backed out before she started the expedition. However, the now-rescued mountaineer went ahead with it. According to her tweet, when you decide to go ahead despite difficulties, that is your true strength.

Last year, Baljeet Kaur became the first Indian to ascend all four 8,000-meter summits in less than a month. She visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar on March 28 before leaving on the expedition.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Baljeet Kaur/ Instagram