Nepal’s Spring Climbing Season Is Here! More Than 500 Mountaineers Expected To Visit

by Shreya Rathod
Nepal’s Spring Climbing Season Is Here! More Than 500 Mountaineers Expected To Visit

Nepal is home to several mountain ranges that have become a tourist attraction in no time! From the famous Mount Everest to Lhotse, these mountains offer some of the greatest mountain climbing expeditions. Recently, a tourism firm in Nepal stated that they expect a massive crowd of mountaineers for this spring climbing season.

Nepal Expects Massive Crowd Of Mountaineers

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According to an expedition organiser, the number of Everest permits awarded for the spring climbing season may exceed expectations. But the resurgence of coronavirus infections, overcrowding brought on by new climbers and unpredictably bad weather may destroy the season. This climbing season —beginning in the second week of May— almost 500 climbers are expected to attempt to conquer the highest peak in the world. However, there are growing worries that the past overcrowding on Everest could happen again.

According to the Hindustan Times report, Seven Summit Treks, the largest expedition organiser in Nepal, has received confirmed bookings of more than 100 people. They also stated that a rise of about 500 climbers is anticipated.

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Spring Climbing Season Of The Country

The best time for trekking and peak climbing in Nepal is in the spring. The weather is warm enough and the skies are clear in the spring. Compared to other times, there are fewer chances of rain or clouds. Because it’s warm and there isn’t much snow on the ground, spring is the perfect time to climb peaks.

The three-month spring season lasts from March to May. Springtime sees a high rate of ascents of summits including Mount Everest, Lhotse, Manaslu, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Mera, and Island.
However, the wind speed may be an issue for this season. But when all things are taken into account, spring is the greatest time to climb the Nepali Mountains.

The second best season for mountain climbing in Nepal is Autumn which lasts from late September to early December. The main highlights of this season are the stunning, verdant hills on the lower slopes and the immaculately clear Himalayas. The weather is cold enough for climbing after the rainy season. Autumn is the ideal season for taking in the clear views of nature and is a good time to climb mountains because it is neither too chilly nor too hot.

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In addition to this, Autumn is the ideal season for the Manaslu expedition. So, are you planning to go mountain climbing?

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