Try Bitty Batter For A Sinful Cheesecake Indulgence In Mumbai

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Try Bitty Batter For A Sinful Cheesecake Indulgence In Mumbai

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Cheesecake lovers need to head to Bitty Batter to try the sinful cheesecakes they offer in a large variety located in Juhu, Mumbai.

What Is It?

Enter a world of cheesecake at Bitty Batter located in Juhu, Mumbai where you can get a slice of flavourful cheesecakes that you can get customized with various toppings as well.

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What’s In It?

Bitty Batter even serves mini cheesecakes on a stick, topped with loads of chocolate sauce and other toppings that are super easy and delicious to eat.

Top your cheesecakes the way you want, try the Pink Panther Cheesecake – it’s topped with red velvet, white chocolate and bubblegum sauce.

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Apart from this, also try the Pav Bhaji Pasta, a super delish dish that includes Pav Bhaji sauce topped with chopped tomatoes and onions, Paneer Makhani Pizza is topped with paneer makhani curry.

Head to this cheesecake haven now!


Address: Bitty Batter, Shop No. 5, juhu vaishali shopping centre, VM road, JVPD scheme, opp juhu joggers park, near juhu police station
Phone: 022 33126281
Cost for two: ₹400


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