Try The All New Momo Burger At Wow! Momo To Get The Best Of Both Worlds

by Kritika Kukreja
Try The All New Momo Burger At Wow! Momo To Get The Best Of Both Worlds

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Have you tried the momo burger at Wow! Momo? Filled with stuffings of momos, its the perfect dish if you’re looking for a filling meal.

What Is It?

The MoBurg as they call it, isn’t for the weak-hearted. You can try out chicken and vegetarian options in the MoBurg, the momo burger is loaded with the goodness of momos inside a patty and covered with buns and many yummy sauces. Enjoy the veggie MoBurg for ₹55 and the Chicken MoBurg at ₹60. 

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What Else?

If you’re thinking of a cuisine, they probably have it in the momo version out here. Wow! Momo is famous all over the country for preparing unique flavors of momos for all to love. They have given an exotic taste to momos and have introduced momos like Mexican, Italian and Tandoori style too!

Try out the Momo Au Gratin (French style) with cheese and breadcrumbs topped on the dish. The Afghani Malai momos is another favorite with gooey Afghani malai and dripping cheese. The Momo Sizzler is another delicacy prepared with a side of sizzling veggies and fries.

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Address: Wow! Momo – Across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune

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