Try Out This Turkish Ice Cream In Delhi At Twisting Scoops

by Tushal Kukreja
Try Out This Turkish Ice Cream In Delhi At Twisting Scoops

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No matter what the season, there’s never a wrong time for some ice cream and considering the muggy Delhi heat, you’ll definitely need something to cool you down. Twisting Scoops is the perfect place to be at during this weather.

What Is It?

The only thing harder than choosing is a flavor is deciding on what place to go and we have both of those dilemmas figured out for you. Rajinder Nagar has this little ice cream joint called Twisting Scoops which serves Turkish ice cream. Have you ever seen those videos where the vendor wearing regional costumes from the Kahramanmaraş area make the customers endure a succession of tricks and stunts before they actually get their ice cream? ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’ should be the tag line of this place because you cannot get to their Coffee, bubblegum and blue berry ice cream in a charcoal cone (topped with some sprinkles) without going through the entertaining gimmicks of the vendors.

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What Else?

Our other favourite at Twisting Scoops was a combination of their Belgium and French vanilla. The joint allows you to select your toppings and your pipette dropper.While you are there, quench your thirst with their best seller Red berry mojito.


Address: 5/58, Old Rajendra Nagar, Shankar Road, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi
Costs: ₹100 for two people

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