Try This Unique Chhangani Kachori In Kolkata That Costs Just ₹40

by Sanmita A
Try This Unique Chhangani Kachori In Kolkata That Costs Just ₹40

Kolkata is a place which is known for joy and food. And there have been numerous instances when food trends from the city have gone viral. This time, a food trend in Kolkata has also gone on the Internet. A man selling Kachori in a unique style in Kolkata is grabbing all the attention. He definitely, has an offbeat style of serving the usual kachoris in leaf plates with delicious potato curry.

Chhangani Kachori In Kolkata

Named Chhangani Kachori, a video of the person who makes this snack item has gone viral on the internet. He serves four kachoris on a leafy plate before serving it to the customers. And mind you, the kachoris are yummy and super affordable. He serves a plate of four at a price of ₹40 only. After putting out all the items on the platter, he garnishes it with a handful of Bhujiya. If you are someone who loves to snack, then definitely give this unique Chhangani kachori a try.

Address: Lebutala Sarani, Burrabazar in Kolkata

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Street Food Spots In Kolkata


From puchkas, rolls, luchi and ghugni to Mughlai Parathas, Kolkata nestled areas which have great street food that you can relish upon. Begin by exploring the streets of Kolkata, from Indian snacks to Tibetan and even North Indian. Although most of the outlets serve great food, a few have made a mark. Food hopping is a thing in Kolkata, and exploring the different dishes, right from vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, is a must. Park Street, Camac Street, Princep Ghat, and Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit are a few spots you have to explore when in the city.

So, which are the best street food locations you have visited when visiting the city of joy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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