Turning Vegan In 2023? Veganuary Special Menus From These Restaurants Will Be The Perfect Way To Start

by Mallika Khurana
Turning Vegan In 2023? Veganuary Special Menus From These Restaurants Will Be The Perfect Way To Start

New year, new resolutions, right? January, also referred to as Veganuary month, is devoted to adopting a vegan diet and learning more about this way of life. Veganuary is all about encouraging a way of life that forgoes using animal products, especially in the diet. More people are choosing to become vegans as they get more aware of the health advantages of plant-based diets.

If this lifestyle is something you wish to adopt this year, there is no better way to start than experiencing specially curated Veganuary menus by the best restaurants in Mumbai.

Best Restaurants With A Veganuary Menu

1. Seeds Of Life

Seeds Of Life Veganuary
Photo Credits: Press Release

Your favourite healthy cafe, Seeds of Life, is preparing to celebrate Veganuary Month by introducing innovative, vegan-friendly Indian options to their menu. Indian food is given a delicious plant-based twist at Seeds of Life. The exclusive menu serves as a filler for light Indian dishes to make them dairy- and gluten-free while still maintaining their nutritional value. 

From The Menu: Signature Indian Curry, Labneh Bhavnagiri Pizza, Jimmy’s Masala Lemonade, and Kokum Cooler

Where: Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

When – Ongoing

Cost: ₹950 (For two)

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2. Cafe Noir

Cafe Noir
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Cafe Noir honours Veganuary with a healthy-eating menu.  An all-day French cafe, they have introduced a new vegan menu that will make your healthy resolutions come true. With the growing popularity of plant-based foods and keeping the paradigm shift in mind, the team has curated a menu that focuses on organic and quality ingredients. 

From The Menu: Noir Quinoa with Fresh Berry Avocado, Mushroom Tetrazzini, Skinny Affogato, and Banana & Dates Shake

Where: Lower Parel, Mumbai

When: 19th January 2023, onwards 

Cost: ₹1800 (For two)

3. British Brewing Company 

British Brewing Company Veganuary
Photo Credits: Press Release

Fresh starts and resolutions are the themes of January. You now have the opportunity to embrace wellness and start the new year off right. As a part of Veganuary 2023, the British Brewing Company takes pride in embracing a sustainable way of life with delicious clean-green meals!

From The Menu: Arabian Felafel Sliders, Vegan Bean Burger, Cauliflower Buffalo Wings, and Rigatoni Arrabiata Pasta

Where: Lower Parel, Mumbai

When: 1st January 2023- 31st January 2023

Cost: ₹1100 (For two)

4. Plural

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This is the month for making resolutions and taking on new challenges, so if you’re planning to switch to a vegan diet, now is the time. Or are you simply looking to branch out from your typical mealtime routine? A variety of dishes at Plural, a South East Asian restaurant with strong Vietnamese influences, will undoubtedly make this experience delicious and wholesome.

From The Menu: Thai Bruschetta, Black Rice Cake, Bimbimbap, Seasame Tofu, Roasted Parsnip, Pho, Banh Canh

Where: Fort, Mumbai

When: Ongoing

Cost: ₹2500 (For two)

If these dishes don’t turn you into a vegan, what else will?

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release