TV Host Mini Mathur Shares How She Spent ₹20 Lakhs In Just An Evening On Dinner

by Shreya Ghosh
TV Host Mini Mathur Shares How She Spent ₹20 Lakhs In Just An Evening On Dinner

Most of us have some stories where we ended up splurging a lot of money, be it for some celebrations or purchasing something luxe, or ticking off the much-awaited travel diaries from our bucket lists. Mini Mathur also has such a story where she spent a humongous amount of money in just an evening. The TV host splurged about ₹20 lakhs at once and she shared this story in a recent podcast. Let’s take a look at why she splurged such a whopping amount!

Mini Mathur Won ₹20 Lakhs At A Show!


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The TV host recently was in the popular podcast “Cyrus Says” hosted by Cyrus Broacha. While talking about a lot of things about her life, Mini shared a memorable day when she participated in a show named Heartbeat and won huge prize money of ₹20 lakhs. She recalled those days and also shared how she took part in this quiz show and bagged the money.

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The show that Mini featured in was a quiz show. The rule of the show was that all the participants had to answer the questions in 100 heartbeats. And the first prize of this quiz show was ₹20 lakhs and now we know who became the winner of the massive amount of prize money in Heartbeat.

There’s always something very special about something that you win in such shows and to make it more special, Mini spent the money in the best possible way.

This Is Where She Spent The Money Won From Heartbeat

Mini Mathur splurged her prize money with her close ones. After winning ₹20 lakhs, she invited 22 people and hosted a lavish dinner. She revealed in the Cyrus Says podcast that she threw the dinner party in Marriott and it was indeed a memorable night. Mini blew up the entire prize money in one go at the dinner hosted at the Marriott. Now that’s a grand way of celebrating, right?

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Do you have such a story where you ended up splurging a huge amount of money in one go? If yes, make sure to share it with us. We would love to hear your stories!

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