Twitter Users Shocked To Find Out Parwal Costs ₹900/Kilo In London!

by Shreya Rathod
Twitter Users Shocked To Find Out Parwal Costs ₹900/Kilo In London!

Most of us dream of living in foreign cities for a better life. While it has benefits, there are certain things that we can’t let go of — like food. After a while, we crave and miss ‘ghar ka khana’ and feel homesick! And eating Indian food does make us feel more comfortable. Recently, this man had gone grocery shopping in London and found the high prices of vegetables, especially parwal. And Twitter is amused!

Parwal 900 Rupay Kilo In London?

Parwal is an Indian vegetable that all of us had to eat! Recently, a Twitter user, Omkar Khandekar, posted an image of vegetables and their prices on Twitter. The prices of these vegetables, especially parwal, would shock you! This vegetable which costs around ₹40 to ₹ 45 per kilo in India was priced at ₹900 per kilo in London. And Twitter finds it hard to believe that.

One of the users commented that after ten years she has gotten used to the prices. However, she fears her mother will faint after listening to the prices but they have no choice. She even suggests he should try some frozen vegetables. However, being Indian, we are habitual in eating fresh vegetables bought from the sabjiwala.

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Another user wrote that she was more surprised at the prices of chillies. Indeed, vegetables are expensive there! According to one user, the vegetables won’t taste that great. However, one person asked if there is a need for BP tablets after eating these vegetables.

Benefits Of This Vegetable

Credits: Canva

In Indian homes, parwal is a popular summertime vegetable. Vegetables are important for nourishment even though the majority of people don’t particularly appreciate them. It lowers cholesterol levels since it is high in vitamins A, C, B1 and B2.

The flu, fevers, and throat issues can be treated by eating them. Consuming parwal on a regular basis can help reduce your risk of contracting the flu and the common cold. Parwal typically contains few calories. It helps defend against various dangerous ailments and has blood-purifying qualities.

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So, tell us, have you ever heard of such crazy vegetable prices yet?

Cover Image Courtesy: Omkar Khandekar/ Twitter