Types Of Noodle Eaters. Which One Are You?

by Natasha Monteiro
Types Of Noodle Eaters. Which One Are You?

Who doesn’t love noodles? If you’ve raised your hands, kindly leave this page immediately because you do not belong here and we can never be friends – EVER. But if you’re among the sane crowd that absolutely loves your Maggi, or Top Ramen or Wei Wei or any other funky brand, then read on because we can guarantee you that you’re probably one of these type of noodle eaters. If we haven’t managed to classify you, then do let us know in the comments which kind of noodle eater are you. So, let’s get started.

1. The Noisy Noodle Eater

We all know a noisy eater, and if you don’t know a noisy eater… errr you’re probably the one guilty of it. This noodle eater is the one who loves to slurp his noodles really loudly. Even his neighbours know when he’s about to attack his bowl full of goodness. Is it annoying? Yes! But should you stop? Absolutely not! You eat your noodles just the way you love to and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

2. The Soupy Noodle Eater

Aah yes, the drippy noodle lover! They prefer drinking their noodles over eating them. Now, I have to say while sometimes this tastes absolutely grate, sometimes the masala just remains in teh water and the noodles itself tastes like raw maida. But, to each their own I guess!

3. The Cold Noodle Eater

The cold noodle eater is that one who loves to eat noodles once it’s below room temperature, gets stuck to each other and is basically just a jumble of something that should not be eaten. I thought that there was no one who could possibly like this, but I was wrong. These guys are the ones who order hot coffee and then drink it only at room temperature. I recently met someone who would order hot noodles and then wait for it to get cold, so she could really enjoy it! I mean, what even…


4. The Sauce-Noodle Lover

You know these ones well. The guys who treat ketchup like it was God’s gift to mankind. They need ketchup on everything – from their eggs to their potato sabji and of course their noodles!

5. The Raw Noodle Eater

Cooking your noodles? Well, that’s for amateurs! the real mazza is in eating your noodles raw. These are the guys who prefer eating their noodles that way the manufacturers made it – RAW!

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