UAE And India To Be Connected By Railway

by Kritika Kukreja
UAE And India To Be Connected By Railway

Under 140 Characters

The UAE is all set to build a 2000 km long underwater railway route to connect Mumbai and Fujairah city. 

What Is It?

Talking about travel opportunities, you can now visit your UAE friends more often once the UAE to Mumbai railway line is built by 2022. The railway line will be build for passenger and goods transport so India will be transporting fresh water through the Narmada River pipeline to UAE and the UAE will be transporting oil to India. The long-term plan for this railway connectivity is definitely to improve tourism and trade between the two countries.

What Do We Know?

Railway networks in India are getting a makeover. India’s high speed bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad will also be launching by 2023, but first the UAE and Mumbai underwater railway will be launching by 2022. This will be an all underwater railway route to let the passengers enjoy underwater views during the journey.The construction hasn’t begun yet because the UAE is still planning out the statistics on certain factors.