UAE Astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi Expected To Return To The Earth On THIS Date! Details Inside

by Anupriya Mishra
UAE Astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi Expected To Return To The Earth On THIS Date! Details Inside

When Sultan AlNeyadi was launched into space earlier in March, he created history by becoming the first Arab, Muslim, and Emirati astronaut to complete a spacewalk. A constant talk of the town and he has kept his followers updated with all the details of his day-to-day life at the International Space Station. However, now his mission of six months at the ISS is coming to an end. So, if you are also wondering about the probable date of his return to the Earth, then here’s an update you need to know!

Sultan AlNeyadi To Return On August 31?

UAE astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi made history when he travelled to space for his six-month mission at the International Space Station. And now according to the latest information, it is expected that he and his crew could return to the Earth as early as August 31. Yes, it was revealed during a press briefing on Friday, August 4, by the Director General of Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, Sultan AlMarri, in a report by Khaleej Times.

The report quoted him mentioning that Crew 7, which will take over from Crew 6 which Sultan AlNeyadi is a part of, could blast off to space as early as August 24. It’s important to note that once this launch happens, it could be anywhere from a week to 10 days before Sultan AlNeyadi and his crew can return to Earth. So if Crew 7 launches on August 24, taking seven days from then, Crew 6 could be back on earth, as early as August 31!

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During His Time At The ISS, He Created History

Although the final dates have still not been confirmed by NASA yet, the plan to launch could be around the dates of August 24 to 27. It should be noted that this UAE astronaut has spent 4,000 hours conducting experiments and maintenance work on the orbiting space laboratory. moreover, once he returns to earth, he will have to go through a rehabilitation programme in order to adjust to normal life. After this, he will return to the UAE where he is certainly going to be given a hero’s welcome!

Are you also waiting with bated breath about all the updates related to his return? Well, stay tuned to the space as we will let you know about all the important details!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Astro_Alneyadi