UAE Gets A Free Fraud And Cyber Awareness App To Provide Real-Time Warnings About Global Scams

by Ishita Agarwal
UAE Gets A Free Fraud And Cyber Awareness App To Provide Real-Time Warnings About Global Scams

In today’s world of the digital era, cyberattacks are common. To prevent the residents of the UAE from cyberattacks, HSBC bank has launched an app. Customers and non-customers can both benefit from this new, free fraud and cyber awareness software by learning how to defend themselves online. Let’s find out more about this new cyber awareness app. 

What All You Can Expect From This Cyber Awareness App? 

In Algeria, you can download the HSBC Fraud and Awareness app from Google Play and Apple Store. Moreover, the other places include Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. It gives real-time alerts on new frauds globally. The HSBC Fraud and Awareness app is publicly accessible so that everyone may use its substantial cyber security and fraud prevention experience. Educating individuals on protecting their data may help them keep one step ahead of con artists. 

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This App Will Raise Awareness About Cyber Security 

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Using this application will increase awareness of the significance of cybersecurity and the evolution of fraudsters’ schemes. The strongest protection against cybercrime is knowledge of how scams operate and how to avoid them.

The app also gives HSBC clients information on reporting fraud and contact information for the bank’s relevant departments. The application provides cyber awareness information for both individual and commercial usage. At the 2021 Tackling Economic Crime Awards, the HSBC Fraud and Awareness app was recognised as the ‘Outstanding New Product’.

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Such apps are a need of society with the rise in cyberattacks. So, let us know your thoughts on this amazing cyber awareness app in the UAE in the comment section below. Stay tuned with Curly Tales for more updates. 

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