UAE Golden Visa: These Are The Travel Benefits And Perks

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Golden Visa: These Are The Travel Benefits And Perks

Since its first introduction, the UAE Golden Visa has been greatly sought after by numerous expats worldwide. However, not everyone can apply for it because it is an essential document with very tight eligibility requirements. Hence it comes with certain benefits as well.

Here are a few listed perks you can enjoy being a UAE Golden Visa Holder

1.Health insurance

As holders of a Golden Visa, you and your family may receive the right to live, study, and access healthcare in a country. Golden visa holders in the UAE have access to advanced health insurance plans solely offered to them. For these plans, the annual insurance cap is $300,000. The plans’ premiums start at Dh2,393.

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2.Esaad Privilege Card

Golden Visa holders receive this card which offers a vast range of benefits. The benefits include deals and offers on travel, food etc. You would receive  40% discount on school costs(selective). Discounts on Fly Dubai flights, 70% off At The Top at the Burj Khalifa, and many more. Additionally, holders will be eligible for discounts of up to 30% on study programmes at the Institute for Management Technology.

3.Visa Validity

Extended stays outside of the UAE are permissible for people with UAE golden visas without affecting their status or the permit duration. If you stay outside the country for longer than six months, your ordinary residents’ access will be invalid.

4. Sponsorship

Golden Visa owners can sponsor their families. With a UAE golden visa, an individual can support their spouse, children, and other family members (irrespective of age). Suppose the primary owner of the UAE Golden Visa passes away while the ten-year visa is still in effect. In that case, their family members may live there until the natural expiration of the visa.

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5.Residency Rights

Holders of the UAE golden visa can stay in the nation for an extended period of time. Individual must renew a normal resident visa every two to three years. However, those who have been granted one can get citizenship for themselves and their families for up to ten years. This indicates that for a maximum of ten years, visa renewal is not necessary.

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