UAE Is The 4th Biggest Spice Market In The World For Using & Re-Exporting Indian Spices

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Is The 4th Biggest Spice Market In The World For Using & Re-Exporting Indian Spices

Apart from India if any country that has an evolved sense of fiery spices, that would be the Middle Eastern countries. And UAE has proved that correct! The UAE has an evolved palate for spices. According to the Spices Board of India, the UAE ranked fourth in the world among the top 12 markets for Indian spices. Saudi Arabia also figures in the list, showing the popularity of Indian spices in the Gulf region.

UAE Ranks 4th Largest Market For Indian Spices

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The UAE is home to a sizable population of Indian expats. As a result, the consumption of Indian spices in the UAE is likely to be greater. Indian spices are commonly utilised in Arab cuisine as well as in South Asian cuisine, which is readily available in the Gulf. They are also present in beverages such as tea and coffee.

Out of the 109 kinds specified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), India produces 75. According to the Spices Board, exports of Indian spices increased by 40% in volume in the calendar months of April and May this year compared to the same period the previous year.

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United Arab Emirates Is A Leading Re-Exporter Of Indian Spices

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The UAE is not only a major importer of Indian spices, but also a re-exporter of them to other countries. According to a report by Khaleej Times, the UAE re-exports about 60 per cent of its spice imports to Africa, Europe and America. This makes the UAE a key player in the global spice trade and a strategic partner for India.

The UAE and India share a long history of cultural and economic ties, which are reflected in their culinary preferences. Indian spices add flavour, colour and health benefits to many dishes enjoyed by people in the UAE. As the demand for Indian spices grows, so does the scope for cooperation and innovation between the two countries. The World Spice Congress will be an opportunity to showcase this potential and celebrate this spicy relationship.

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