UAE Issues Advisory For Riding Scooter In A Non-Dedicated Lane

by Ishita Agarwal
UAE Issues Advisory For Riding Scooter In A Non-Dedicated Lane

Scooter and electric bike riders in Abu Dhabi, UAE are advised to follow the laws. Moreover, this includes using proper bike lanes, wearing helmets, and other safety and protective gear. However, Al Hamiri underlined the need of obeying traffic instructions and laws in a new Abu Dhabi Police campaign.

New Rules And Regulations 

According to the officer, this is by the recently established revised rules and regulations in UAE for bicycles and electric bikes. Cyclists and users of micromobility devices will only use bike paths and roads. If there are none in the area they want to cycle, they must use side streets with a speed limit of 20 kilometres per hour. Moreover, they must stay on the far right-hand side of the road or sidewalks and pavements allot for bicycle use. 

According to the Khaleej Times, “Bicycle safety rules and regulations should be followed. The rider should avoid the risky stunts, said Brigadier General Muhammad Dhahi Al Hamiri, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate in the Central Operations Sector.” 


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Your Safety Is In Your Own Hands 

According to Al Hamiri, the regulations governing all types of electric bikes and bicycles clearly state that a rider must wear a protective helmet and reflective clothing at night. They must park their motorcycles properly and not block traffic or pedestrians. Apart from this, they must not chain them to traffic light posts or street lighting poles in UAE. 

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