Join Sadhguru At The Museum Of Future And Be A Part Of ‘Save Soil’ Movement In UAE

by Ishita Agarwal
Join Sadhguru At The Museum Of Future And Be A Part Of ‘Save Soil’ Movement In UAE

Indian global visionary Sadhguru Jagadish Vasudev is inspired by the UAE’s nature-based climate change solutions. The Indian yogic is in the UAE as part of a solo motorbike tour that began in London. He will conclude at India’s southern coast to raise awareness about the soil catastrophe and press international leaders to take action. You can be a part of this movement too! Read on to know more:

Details Of  Sadhguru’s Global ‘Save Soil’ Movement  

According to the reporter of Gulf News, “Wednesday, the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment welcomes the spiritual leader on Jubail Island’s mangrove forest. By 2030, the country hopes to have plant 100 million mangroves.” The Dubai-based ICBA and Sadhguru’s Conscious Planet Movement to Save Soil sign a memorandum of collaboration to protect UAE agricultural soil. 

Indian yogi Sadhguru is in Dubai for the ‘Save Soil Campaign’ and he will be talking at a free event on May 20 at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre. He will also address a crowd on May 21 at the Museum of the Future discussing sustainability.

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Rainforest in Abu Dhabi 

Sadhguru said the UAE transformed the country’s image and made it a global center. Therefore, many developments are taking place in the UAE, keeping climate change in mind. He also mentions that the country has taken certain measures and proper care to build the proper ecosystem. As a result, Abu Dhabi will have a rainforest in the future. 

The incredible thing is that he finds that the mangroves are known to grow at below 30% salinity. However, in Abu Dhabi, they are growing at 41% salinity.



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