UAE Residents No Longer Need Entry Permit To Return

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Residents No Longer Need Entry Permit To Return

Starting 12 August, expatriates stranded entering the UAE need not apply for a resident entry permit. The move is part of the second phase of the return of expatriate residents to the UAE. The move coincides with the end of summer holidays for schools and the resumption of businesses, as Covid restrictions ease.

For expats returning to the country, the Federal Authority for Identity will automatically grant pre-approval, without applying. Those traveling must update their personal data, ID number and passport number here. However, the update is optional for those who wish to verify the authenticity of their data and travel documents.

Negative COVID-19 PCR Test Must Before Departure

While pre-approvals are no longer required, a negative covid test must be submitted before departure. Airlines must ensure all travellers have a negative PCR result from one of the accredited centres. The test must be done 96 hours prior to arrival in the UAE. On arrival, passengers must follow all the guidelines and precautions including laboratory test and home quarantine. Meanwhile, Emirates Announces Mandatory Covid Negative Certificate For Travellers From 10 Countries. 

UAE Announces One-Month Extension For Visitors With Expired Visas

The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship in the UAE on 10 August announced a grace period for expired visit visas. Visit visas which expired after 1 March will now be valid for one more month, starting 11 August 2020. On July 10, the government of UAE had announced that “holders of the UAE’s visit or tourist visas that expired after March 1 must leave the UAE within one month from 11 July 2020. That is by August 11.”

Grace Period Announced For Expired Visit Visas

The tweet announcing the grace period stated: “The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship extends the grace period for holders of expiring entry permits, starting from 11 / 8 / 2020 for a period of one month, with the aim of enabling them to leave the country with exemption from all fines during this period.”

The announcement came as a big relief for visit visa holders looking to leave the country. This rule will now permit visit visa holders to leave the country without paying overstay fines for a month. Failure to do so, will lead to overstay fines. The overstay fines for expired visit visa are AED 200 for the first day and then AED 100 for each day after that. Until you can fly again, here are some weird virtual tours that you can take from across the world.