UAE Residents Told To Offer Eid Al Adha Prayers At Home

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Residents Told To Offer Eid Al Adha Prayers At Home

Worshippers in the UAE have been asked to offer Eid prayers at home this year. The Eid Takbeer will be broadcast through various mosques in the UAE on the morning of the Eid.

“During the Eid Al Adha break, it is preferable to avoid family gatherings. Use social media and telecom tools to communicate during the holidays,” authorities said on 22 July. In addition, a list of other guidelines were also given.

1. Mosques will operate at 50% capacity, and a physical distance of two meters must be maintained between worshippers.

2. Prayer timings will be adjusted between Azan and Iqama to 10 minuets for all prayers except for Maghrib prayer which will be 5 minutes, as of 3 August.

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The official advised residents to not distribute gifts or cash among relatives and use online means instead. Also, this year’s Hajj will be very different-here’s how. 

Rules Worshippers Must Adhere To

– The worshippers should leave an empty row gap between every two rows.
– Worshippers must leave 1.5m gap between every two person.
– It is mandatory for all worshippers to wear gloves and masks.
– All worshippers must bring their own prayer mat
– No handshakes allowed, worshippers can just wave at each other and say Salaam from a distance
– The worshippers shall not assemble before or after prayer.
– No second Jamaah (Congregation) or praying alone separately after the completion of Fard prayer behind Imam.
– Everyone must leave the masjid as soon as the obligatory prayer in congregation is over.
– Those in contact with Covid-19 patients should not enter the masjid to ensure safety of other worshippers.
– People above 60, children below 12 years and those suffering from chronic diseases or have weak immunity should not come to masjid for prayers for their own safety.

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Prayer Rules

– Face masks and gloves must not be left at the entrance of the mosque
– Ladies prayer halls shall remain closed until further notice
–  The masjid shall remain open only for 20 minutes from the time of azan until the end of obligatory prayer in congregation
– The obligatory prayer shall be performed immediately after azan
– The majsid will be closed soon after each congregational prayer
– All kinds of distribution, be it food or anything else, is strictly prohibited.
– The doors of the mosque should be kept open from the beginning of the azan until the end of prayer.
–  Bathrooms and ablution areas shall remain closed until further notice