UAE Tourists To Get VAT Refunds

by Jui Nikita

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The system will be implemented beginning the fourth quarter of 2018.

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What Is It?

According to a press statement, the UAE Cabinet will implement value added tax refund system for tourists, which will integrate between retail outlets with tax refund points. The new tax refund system supports the growth of the tourism sector in the UAE and maintain its position as a global destination for tourists. The system will be implemented beginning the fourth quarter of 2018 in cooperation with an international specialized company in tax recovery services.

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What Else?

Non-resident tourists may refund VAT on purchases made at participating retailers, through designated refund outlets, provided that such goods are not exempt from the tax system. The tourism sector contributes directly to the local economy. The number of passengers through the UAE’s airports exceeded 122 million passengers in 2017, and the total contribution of the tourism sector to the country was approximately Dh154.1 billion.

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