UAE Visa Will No Longer Be Stamped On Passports Of Foreign Nationals

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Visa Will No Longer Be Stamped On Passports Of Foreign Nationals


According to a report in Al Khaleej Emirates ID would now replace the residency visa in passports. Airlines can verify the residency-related information from the Emirates ID and passport number. Expatriates’ passports get residency visa stamps for two-three, five, or 10-year periods. An expired Emirates ID card has to renew within 30 days of its expiration date. Otherwise, late fees will apply. Only after a resident’s visa obtain restoration or granted in the UAE can they apply for renewal.

Are you having trouble renewing your Emirates ID? Despite the fact that it has expired? The ICA has alerted residents on how to petition for a late payment charge exemption.

Is Late Payment For Emirates ID Renewal Expensive?

UAE nationals have six & one months before their Emirates ID expires After that, late fees of Dh20 per day, up to a maximum of Dh1,000, will apply.

Who Are Granted An Exemption?

The exemption on this fine is left to very few individuals. And it’s further categorized into three departments namely:

  1. Emiratis are people who live in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council
  3. Expatriates

How To Apply?

Save yourself from the humongous fines levied over the expiry of Emirates ID. For application, there’s no need to stand in huge queues. Just go online on their website or the app. Use your UAE Pass to log in and curate your account.

Want to feel elated by rescuing yourself from hefty penalties? Check into ICA’s happiness centre to get work done. This only applies if you fail to register online. Expect to get notification about approval or rejection within 48 hrs of submission.

Criteria Of Exemptions For Expired Emirates ID Fines

You didn’t receive Emirates ID cards? Do you fall under sponsorship before the ICA’s deadline? Then you can petition for a waiver of late fees. But the catch here is that you need to fulfil one of these conditions.

  1. If a person has left the UAE and has been absent from the country for longer than three months. Alternatively, if a person’s residency has ended while they have been overseas. Or if the validity of their ID card has elapsed since they left the UAE. With the travel document, this must need to establish.
  2. A person whose passport has been detained in a case. He must provide proof stating that they have ordered his departure.
  3. A person who did not receive an ID card or a family book before obtaining UAE citizenship or a family book.
  4. ID card registered late owing to documentation mistakes. the Emirates ID’s systems, one of its employees, or the typing offices it has assigned.
  5. Citizens above 70 can’t visit customer service centres. They must provide proof of age.
  6. Personnel working for foreign diplomatic operations in the nation, as well as those they are responsible for.