UAE’s Updated Covid-19 Fines Ranging From AED 1000 To AED 50,000

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE’s Updated Covid-19 Fines Ranging From AED 1000 To AED 50,000

With an alarming increase in cases in the UAE, authorities have urged residents to make a note of the new covid fines. The rules ensure residents follow social distancing and personal health and safety measures. Apart from regular guidelines on the precautions that need to be taken to curb Covid, the UAE has also announced strict fines that catch any violations that take place. On that note, UAE Is Now Planning To Use Cardboard Beds From India In Quarantine Centres.

Quarantine & Tracking App

AED 50,000: Refusing to hospitalise or undergo the prescribed medication or treatment despite notification.

AED 50,000: Failure to adhere to home quarantine or private quarantine measures according to the home quarantine manual, failure to undergo re-examinations according to health procedures; or abstaining from implementing instructions.

AED 50,000: Failure to adhere to quarantine instructions in specific institutions.

AED 10,000 : Fiddling with the tracking app, failure to carry the smart device during home quarantine; losing, destroying or disrupting the network or the tracking communication.The violator will also be charged the full value of the electronic device if it is lost or damaged.

AED 20,000: Hacking health app or tampering with its software, deleting or destroying relevant programmes, illegally obtaining related data or information, or initiating any of these actions.

AED 20,000: Failure to close details of individuals who enter UAE from other countries or not completing quarantine procedures as instructed.

AED 10,000: Failure to register on contact tracing app, not wearing tracking device or deliberately damaging them.

Shops And Commercial Outlets

AED 50,000: Violating safety instructions and an administrative closure for one month

AED 50,000: For the person in charge of the commercial store outside the commercial center

AED 20,000: Failure to set up thermal scanners or not complying to the precautionary measures and instructions by the relevant authorities when opening facilities. The person in charge of the facility will be fined AED 20,000.

Social Gatherings

AED 10,000: For those caught organizing gatherings or social events like a wedding or party

AED 5,000: For attending social or public gatherings

AED 5000: For violating arrivals in the country. Failure to follow preventive measures laid out by the UAE government for all those arriving in the county.

AED 3000: Refusing to remove any luggage, clothing or other items, which may have been contaminated and which are possible to be disinfected

AED 5000: Failure to clean and sterilise equipment, devices and machines within the establishments, or equipment and tools that come in contact with food.


AED 3000: For more than three passengers traveling in the same car, except for members of the same family or up to second-degree relatives

AED 5000: Not Disinfecting public and private (taxis) vehicles

Social Distancing & Wearing  A Facemask

AED 3,000: For not wearing masks while with non-family members in the car

AED 3000: Not wearing facemask in malls, parks and other public places

AED 3000: Failure to wear facemask at workplace and shared residence for workers

AED 3000: Failing to maintain adequate distance from others in public spaces and neglecting social distancing

AED 50,000: Allowing malls, restaurants, cafes public pools, hotel pools or sports centers to be overcrowded with people

AED 3000: Failure to follow preventive measures while practicing sport or leisure activities at outdoor places, private beaches of hotels, while picnicking or gathering at public parks.

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Violation Of Visiting Healthcare Facilities Unnecessarily

AED 3000: Visiting healthcare facilities for unnecessary reasons

AED 5000: Rejection of taking a medical test upon the order of relevant authorities.

AED 1000: Retaking a laboratory test for COVID-19 at any accredited medical laboratory in the UAE within two weeks without a valid reason.

AED 20,000: For copying, publishing or leaking health data of patients

Repeat violators will be punishable with a term of imprisonment not exceeding 6 months and/or a fine not less than AED 100,000.