UK Biz Man To Launch Ecojet, Electric Airline Powered By Renewable Energy; Will Serve Vegan Food

by Shreya Rathod
UK Biz Man To Launch Ecojet, Electric Airline Powered By Renewable Energy; Will Serve Vegan Food

Have you ever heard of a plane that runs on renewable energy? Well, the UK plans on getting one! British businessman Dale Vince revealed intentions to start an electric airline fueled by renewable energy on Monday. And the project’s supporters hope it will herald the beginning of a new age in aviation. Here is everything you need to know about this electric airline, Ecojet .

UK Businessman To Introduce Electric Airline, Ecojet!

The establishment of Ecojet is the most recent effort to lessen aviation’s impact on the environment. In the UK, flights will start in 2024. In fact, long-distance trips as well as trips to mainland Europe are planned. Aeroplanes with 19 and 70 seats will be used by Ecojet. Initial flights won’t use hydrogen-electric powertrains, despite the fact that this is the intended outcome.

According to a statement, in the short term, Ecojet will first operate using aircraft that are fuelled by traditional means in order to gain routes and a licence from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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The statement continued by saying the aircraft would be retrofitted with the hydrogen-electric power trains as soon as they become approved for service by the CAA. A year after flights start, in 2025, the first retrofits are planned. Plant-based foods will be served on board, and single-use plastic will be eliminated.

Planning To Use Existing Aircraft

They are planning to reuse existing aircraft rather than develop new ones. This will save 90,000 tonnes of carbon per year. The statement also stated that the only result would be water, which could be collected and released into the lower atmosphere to prevent contrail injury.

As per the Brit businessman, founder of Ecotricity, the green movement has struggled with how to develop sustainable air travel for decades. Moreover, he described the airline project as a significant step towards the solution.

Renewable energy is the need of time to combat challenges occurring due to carbon emissions. According to recent reports, carbon emission is reaching a new high and it needs to be controlled!

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Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & Dale Vince/ Instagram