UK Launches World’s Biggest 4-Day Work Week Trial With No Loss Of Pay

by Sanmita A
UK Launches World’s Biggest 4-Day Work Week Trial With No Loss Of Pay

A relaxed workweek is everyone’s dream and that can only be possible when a 4-day workweek is established. Well, the UK is planning to implement a 4-day workweek, which means an extra day off. This 4-day workweek is presently under trial in the UK and such trials have previously taken place in countries like Spain, Iceland, the United States and Canada. UK is conducting the world’s largest 4-day work week trial, where employees of 70 UK firms will work from today till December for 4 days a week and get 100 per cent of their regular paychecks. So, now we’ll have to wait and watch if this trial and successful and if this 4-day work week model will be implemented across the country.

Will This Be A Success?

Many employers believe this will be a learning process for everyone. There might be a few challenges, considering the type of companies people run. Many factors will determine the operations of sectors healthcare, food, and education.

Challenges Of A 4-Day Workweek

Employers also believe that although there might be a surge in productivity, it will be quite a task to measure it appropriately. Also, employers have to ensure employees are paid the same in order to maintain their productivity throughout the four days. Experts also believe that Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands have lesser work hours and despite it, have higher productivity rates.

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Greece Has Low Productivity Rates

With Greece having the highest number of working hours in Europe, it is believed to have a lower productivity rate.

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Can This Encourage Employment?

A few employers also say a shorter workweek is a good situation for both parties. Many employees have even reconsidered their priorities and thought of work-life balance especially, during the pandemic.

Countries Which Have Introduced The 4-day Workweek

Belgium is the recent country which has introduced the 4-day workweek without decreasing the salaries. Spain, Iceland,  Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and UAE are the other countries which have conveniently moved to this model.

Is A 4-day Workweek Possible In India?

All employers believe that the 4-day workweek trial has to be done in order to find out how the model works without affecting the employees and the company’s functioning.

What do you think about having this 4-day workweek in Indian companies? Will this enable higher productivity? Let us know in the comments.

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