The UAE Issued Half A Million New Work Permits In The Second Quarter Of 2022

by Deeplata Garde
The UAE Issued Half A Million New Work Permits In The Second Quarter Of 2022

To attract and retain talent, the UAE government has introduced a number of innovative immigration programmes. According to a report released on Wednesday, the UAE awarded more than 500,000 new work licences in Q2 2022, a 27% rise from the same period in 2021. By the conclusion of Q2, there were 5,376,842 registered private sector workers in the MoHRE database. In the second quarter of 2022, there is a 9% growth in the number of private sector employees stationed in the UAE

Fees For Issuing Work Permit For Resident And Expats


Type Of Work Permit


Juveniles Dhs 50
Temporary Dhs 50
Part-time Dhs 50
Training Dhs 50
Probationary Dhs 50
Residency Holder Dhs 50


UAE Announces Discounts On Work Permit Fees For Expats

As part of incentives for fulfilling or exceeding benchmarks, private enterprises in the UAE will be able to earn significant reductions on government fees for issuing work licences for foreigners starting June 1.
The following companies to achieve these discounts would require to fall under certain categories set by the government. The mentioned three categories are first, second and third.

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First Category

Companies that want to fall in the first category need to achieve a three-fold increase in their Emiratisation rate. They would then qualify to pay only Dh250 per work visa. The permit’s price and validity will last for two years.

Second Category

Organizations that do not match any of the above standards but agree to the UAE’s law and policy of encouraging demographic and cultural diversity will qualify for the second category. They will need to pay Dh1,200 per permit.

Third Category

Permits in the third category will cost Dh3,450 each. Companies that exhibit a lack of commitment to preserving employees’ rights will fall in the third category. Companies can also fall under category three if they commit other serious violations. It can be a final verdict on a firm committing a human trafficking crime, recruiting employees without gaining work permits etc.

This new classification system will help the national economy achieve a variety of important objectives. The system will boost economic growth due to this categorisation.

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