Working In UAE: Know The Different Work Permit Options

by Deeplata Garde 858

To attract and retain talent, the UAE government has introduced a number of innovative immigration programmes. In addition, the UAE will be the best destination to work and live in the world. Relocated to the UAE for a job offer or are a high school student looking for your first job? Everyone working in the UAE must have a valid work permit granted by the appropriate official.

Different Types Of Work Permit

Work permits provide job seekers with a variety of jobs alternatives. This includes freelancing and temporary work. Except for the freelancing visa, these work permits need to align with the organisation’s criteria you work with.

Student Permit

A UAE resident aged 15 and up can work and train in a recognised establishment. This permission is particularly for students who want to enlist in the private sector for training reasons. It is valid for three months. A juvenile’s parent or guardian must also sign a consent form before they start their training.

Work Permit

This specific permit brings two categories along.

Relative Permit
Firstly, work permit under the residence of relative permit. This permit is basically a residence visa sponsored by their family member.

Recruiting a worker from outside the State
Secondly, other permits allow registered enterprises to hire workers from outside the state.

Golden Visa

If you hold a Golden Visa and work for a UAE-based firm, you will still require a work permit. Individuals who were not working at the time they applied for the Golden Visa and desired to work for a company fall into the first category. The second scenario arises when a present employer requests to extend the work permit and contract for Golden Visa holders after the work permit has expired. The third scenario involves a Golden Visa holder starting new employment with a different company.

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Temporary Permit

You can also work lawfully with a new employer by obtaining a temporary work permit. The permit allows hiring a national or expatriate worker resident in the UAE to do certain tasks for a term of not more than six months.

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