UN Official Complains About Cockroaches, Broken Seat On Air India Flight, Airlines Took No Action

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
UN Official Complains About Cockroaches, Broken Seat On Air India Flight, Airlines Took No Action

Almost a week ago, a United Nations diplomat slammed Air India airlines after a very bad experience. The official was travelling to New Delhi from New York and took his experience to Twitter, calling it an air travel nightmare. He tweeted all the issues faced, like broken seats and cockroaches, with images, but the airlines took a week to reply after the official kept retweeting. 

Official Complains About His Bad Experience On Air India Flight

A UN diplomat who flew from New York to New Delhi described his flight on Air India 102 JFK as the worst he had ever experienced. He tweeted the images, which stated the presence of cockroaches on seats in the flight. The seats were also broken, as can be evident from the pictures. 

He also mentioned the very surprising experience of entertainment, reading lights, and call buttons in the flight. The tweet also stated that there was no safety equipment or cockroach poison spray on board.No heed was paid to his tweet by any of the official pages or personalities tagged. 

But the diplomat did not keep quiet and retweeted it demanding answers from the airlines for such a pathetic experience. He asked the official page to explain how the flights were infested with cockroaches and why there was no facility to get rid of them. 

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Airlines Regretted The Inconvenience

He again retweeted the incident and demanded answers from the airline on Monday. Air India finally replied to his tweet and apologised for the inconvenience caused to the diplomat. They asked him to share his flight details with them to push the complaint forward. 

In 2019, a passenger had complained of finding a dead cockroach in the breakfast on the flight from Bhopal to Mumbai. He found a dead cockroach in the sambar of the ordered breakfast. He also mentioned that the crew members paid no heed to the fact. 

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