UN Reports That By 2027 India’s Population To Surpass China’s

by Angel Srivastava
UN Reports That By 2027 India’s Population To Surpass China’s

Remember all those geography lessons in school that taught us that India is the second most populated country in the world? Well, all that is about to change because according to a latest report by the United Nations, India is on the road to surpass China and become the most populated country in the world by the year 2027. This means that India is going to witness a surge of 273 million people between now and 2050 becoming the number one most populated country in the world.

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What Is It?

We are all well aware of the threat posed by the constant rise in India’s population. Cities are becoming more and more crowded with every passing day, giving way to traffic jams and construction of more and more high rise buildings.

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Well, that’s not the end of it. Brace yourselves because India’s population problem is only going to get worse in the coming years. According to a UN report released on June 13th, there is going to be rise of about 273 million people in India between now and 2050. This will make India the most populated country in the world, overtaking China.

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UN Department of Economics and Social Affairs, Population division, stated that the countries facing the highest risk of increase in population between the years 2019-2050 include India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethopia, Indonesia, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, United Republic of Tanzania, and the United Stated of America.

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What’s More?

According the report the main factors leading to the population boom would be higher fertility rates, growing older population and migration. Health economists claim that due to the rising population India will end up facing a lack of resources.

There will be more young people as well as older ones. The employment rates have as it is taken a hit in the country, with so many young people the country won’t be able to include them in its workforce. A high population with no jobs might ultimately end up acting as a threat to the country making the challenges being faced harder to resolve.

As for China, the population is said to decrease by 31.4 million that is about 2.2 per cent, between 2019 and 2050.