Equalizing Underwater Is As Easy As Sex

by Sneha Pai
Equalizing Underwater Is As Easy As Sex

Equalizing Under 140 Characters:

Equalizing is a scuba diving term. It means to equalize between the inside of your ears and underwater.

Why Equalize?

Water pressure keeps increasing as you go deeper underwater. Although our ears have the natural ability to compensate for it by pushing the Eustachian tube in our ear outwards, it struggles to adapt as you go deeper.

There are many techniques to help you learn to equalize underwater. One of the easiest ways is to use the throat muscles to pull your Eustachian tubes open by swallowing. It is the best method for beginners like you and me.

1. Wait for it to pop before you go underwater

The better way is to use the throat muscles to pull your eustachian tubes open the way nature intended–by swallowing.

The pop sound means your eustachian tube is opening. It allows higher-pressure air from your throat to enter your ears. Ensure you don’t go underwater until it pops.

The Eustachian Tube is a tunnel that connects your middle ear to the throat. It runs from the middle ear space to the back of the nose.

 2. Let It Go Down On You

Descend with your feet first while your ears open up. Equalizing in this technique requires 50% less force as compared to if you go down head first.

Pre-pressurize gently and pursue it only if it is helping you. Look up. Extending your neck helps open your tube and equalize better.

3. Take control

Control your descent so you can stop it in case you feel pressure.

Use an anchor or mooring line. Maintain a slight positive pressure in your middle ears. Don’t let it reach point 5. Equalize often.

4. Stop if it hurts

Don’t exert yourself if you feel pain. It could lead to barotrauma. Instead, ascend a few feet and re-start the process.


Congratulations! You are now well equipped to Go Scoot With The Sharks Underwater and try shipwreck diving. Want to know more about the other techniques? Hit me up in the comments and I will gladly let you know :)

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