Uorfi Javed Is A Big Time Non-Vegetarian And Eats Mutton Every Day

Uorfi Javed doesnt really shy away from food and loves mutton.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Uorfi Javed Is A Big Time Non-Vegetarian And Eats Mutton Every Day

Uorfi Javed doesn’t need an elaborate introduction whatsoever! Her bold and unique fashion style speaks volumes. She carries every piece of clothing with such ease and an attitude that confidence drips from her. On this interesting episode of Tere Gully Mein, Uorfi joined Arohi Thatte to explore the street shopping and food markets of Irla Market. We talked endlessly about food, clothes, and whatnot. Read on to learn more about her life.

Uorfi Javed Is A Hardcore Non-Vegetarian

After all the shopping madness and fun games at Irla Market in Vile Parle, it was time to start our much-awaited food trails in Vile Parle in Mumbai. On the topic of junk food, she told us that she definitely likes it but doesn’t prefer eating junk food so much. Hmm, it looks like she is just like us but instead, we eat junk food blindly.

She told us that she prefers to eat whatever she can cook at her house. This left us a teeny bit surprised and we asked if she cooked food. To which she replied that she cooks a lot. We went on to ask her what she liked to cook the most and she shared, “Butter chicken, I am a big-time non-vegetarian.” Then she gave special emphasis on how much she loves mutton and can’t really stay away from it.

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Uorfi Javed loves mutton so much that she needs it every day. Careful; she doesn’t want mutton daily; rather, she NEEDS mutton daily. She told us, “Mutton, mutton, mutton biryani, mutton keema, everything mutton. I love mutton!” Uorfi, when are we going to taste your mutton biryani? Eagerly waiting!

She Is Also A Dessert Addict!

Uorfi Javed
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Just as we were strolling in Vile Parle, we came to Gaurav Sweets and Namkeen. It’s a heaven for all the sweet tooth and it seems like we hit the jackpot with this one for Uorfi Javed. “I love meetha (sweet). I am a dessert addict; I love sweets!” she shared with us. She couldn’t help but drool while looking at the endless options this shop has to offer.

We heard you loud and clear, Uorfi but it seemed like she was quicker than us and ordered Motichoor Laddu and Ras Malai. She very cutely cheers-ed the yummy Motichoor Laddu with Arohi Thatte and then gorged on it. Quickly, right after, they tried Ras Malai and she loved every bit of it. She said that the ras malai is not served in milk but in rabdi. That sounds so delicious. We will definitely head back soon to Gaurav Sweets and Namkeen for their Ras Malai.

Uorfi Javed is actually a dessert addict, as she went on for rabdi after. She took a huge bite and relished every bit of it. Then she also shared a quick food combination with us. Uorfi said that this rabdi would be great with a meetha bun and chai. She gave proper instructions for spreading the rabdi in between the buns, dipping it in chai and then having it. Are we feeling this rabdi, bun and chai experiment?

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