From Washing Chips To Adding Soy Sauce To Ice Cream, Uorfi Javed Shares Her Weird Food Habits

by Shreya Ghosh
From Washing Chips To Adding Soy Sauce To Ice Cream, Uorfi Javed Shares Her Weird Food Habits

We have watched hundreds and thousands of videos about people and their weird eating habits on various social media platforms. Not only do people eat some food in a different way, but there are so many street food stalls and restaurants that make bizarre combinations with a lot of food items and ingredients. Well, we just found a video where Uorfi Javed talked about her eating habits, and looks like she has a couple of weird preferences. Let’s take a look at the unusual food combinations that she likes to eat.

Uorfi Javed Does THIS Before Eating Chips & Kurkure

Uorfi Javed
Picture credit- Canva

The fashionista does not munch on kurkure and chips in the usual way. Instead, she follows a specific process before eating these snacks. In the Untriggered Podcast, Uorfi talked about her food choices. She shared how she likes to wash off kurkure and chips in water before eating. Adding water washes off the extra masala sticking on the snacks. Also, she added how this step only makes kurkure pieces soggy from the outside. It stays crunchy from the inside.

Previously, Uorfi once shared a video on Instagram showing how she washes kurkure underwater. She poured lots of kurkure in a big sieve and poured water on it to wash off the extra spices. And then she enjoyed them. In the video, she also shared how she had been doing this since her childhood days. The video went viral in no time and Netizens were quite shocked to see this habit. Someone even commented about being offended.

We have seen some elders doing this before giving such salty and spicy snacks to kids and children. What do you think of this idea? Will you ever wash kurkure and chips with water to remove the extra spices and masala? Or do you prefer these snacks loaded with chatpata masala?

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She Also Likes To Add THESE Ingredients To Vanilla Ice Cream

Uorfi Javed
Picture credit- Canva

Uorfi has a special way of enjoying one of the most loved desserts, vanilla ice cream. In the Untriggered Podcast, she revealed that likes to add some soy sauce to scoops of vanilla ice cream. Well, not only soy sauce but she also likes to enjoy the dessert with some salted chips. It looks like she loves to enjoy the perfect blend of salt and sweetness in her bowl of dessert. Adding salted chips and soy sauce takes away some sweetness from the vanilla ice cream and adds some salty and chatpata touches to it. Well, many Internet users found this to be stomach-churning but Uorfi likes to enjoy her ice cream in this way.

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The comment section under the video clearly shows that most Netizens are not a fan of such weird food combinations. Many even called these snacks and ice cream preferences to be disgusting and even a disaster. Well, what do you think of these food choices? If not tried them before, will you give these a try? Also, make sure to share if you have such weird food choices.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Uorfi (@urf7i), Canva

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