Chuka Beach In UP Is India’s Unsung Tourist Destination

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Chuka Beach In UP Is India’s Unsung Tourist Destination

Uttar Pradesh has a hidden beach called the Chuka beach, located in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve Area that is definitely not celebrated enough.

What Is It?

Not a popular tourist destination in North India, Chuka beach is Uttar Pradesh’s hidden paradise for all beach lovers. It is basically a water reservoir of Sharda river barrage that falls under the Mahof forest range, between Sharda Sagar Dam and Sharda Canal, in Pilibhit district.

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What’s In It?

Travellers looking for a secluded spot to enjoy the serenity and peace, look no further than Chuka beach in Uttar Pradesh. It is an offbeat destination nestled in Pilibhit that very few people know of, surrounded by lush wilderness, it is perched on the banks of the Sharda Sagar Dam and offers splendid isolation.

You can indulge bird photography, explore the wildlife, go on forest trails and just enjoy your day off amidst nature, basking in the sunlight and laying on the sands. You can enjoy splendid views of the thick forest from the tree hours lined on the shore and spot some animal too.

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The story behind the origin of this secret beach goes way back to December 2002, when an IFS officer Ramesh Pandey took it upon himself to develop this secluded area to promote eco-tourism that would in turn help in tiger conservation. However, he was refused any financial aid from the state government.

His project got noticed by his fellow peers who were asked to donate a part of their salary to help in developing the spot, Pandey even took initiative in spreading environmental awareness among the villagers who lived nearby who got involved in the project as active protestors of the forest.

Pandey managed to build four eco-huts in two years with the help of colleagues while he was posted there and the forest department continued to build on his vision after he was transferred. Today, Chuka beach stands as an isolated tourist spot protected by the state government of Uttar Pradesh for travellers who can come and enjoy a day off with family or friends.

For accommodations, you can stay in the thatched huts or the treehouses that are opened by the forest department.


Address: Chuka Beach (Pilibhit), Kanjia Singhpur Bhauria, Uttar Pradesh
Cost: ₹1,500-₹4,000 (Approx.)
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