Uttarakhand To Introduce Mobile Caravans For Tourists

by Tushal Kukreja 1804

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The Uttarakhand government is planning to introduce mobile caravans equipped with facilities for all the tourists visiting.

What Is It?

To attract more tourists come and witness nature in its raw form in Central Himalayan region, the Uttarakhand government is planning to introduce mobile caravans for tourists. These caravans would be equipped with facilities that are all required in a house.

This introduction is naturally being done to attract more tourists to the beautiful Himalayan state and to give them a sense of adventure. Camping in Uttarakhand would increase, trekkers and hikers would be even more fascinated to visit after hearing about this new introduction.

“Each motor home would have sleeping spaces, or berths, a kitchen equipped with an oven, refrigerator and a sink. There will also be an attached toilet that can also be accessed from outside, which makes waste disposal easier.” said Satpal Maharaj, Tourism Minister, Government of Uttarakhand.

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What Else?

The government is expecting not only to attract tourists from all over the world but also Indians.

Space would be made available to park the mobile caravans in separate parks developed in hilly areas. These parks would be equipped with basic facilities such as electricity connection, water supply; waste disposal etc. would also be available for motor homes.

Apart from introducing mobile caravans, Uttarakhand government is working on a home-stay scheme. The government intends to build over 5000 home-stays by 2020 in places like Madmaheshwar, Pancha Badri and Pancha Kedar.