Uttarakhand To Develop 200-Year-Old Kartik Swamy Temple In Rudraprayag To Attract South India Devotees

by Dikshita
Uttarakhand To Develop 200-Year-Old Kartik Swamy Temple In Rudraprayag To Attract South India Devotees

The Uttarakhand tourism department is set to develop the 200-year-old Kartik Swamy temple in Rudraprayag. Located around 40 km from Rudraprayag, reaching there encompasses a 3 km trek from Kanakchauri village.

This move is being taken with the purpose to attract devotees and tourists from South India.
The Kartik Swamy temple is the only temple in Uttarakhand dedicated to Lord Kartikeya, who is regarded as Skand or Murugun in South India.

Uttrakhand Tourism Department’s Statement On Developing Kartik Swamy Temple

Kartik Swamy Temple
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Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said on Sunday that developing the temple will attract tourists from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Sameer Shukla, founder of Soham Himalayan Centre Mussoorie noted that Kartik Swamy temple is the lone temple dedicated to Kartikeya. Yet, it has stayed out of the state tourism map for a long. Thus, a massive promotion campaign should be done to attract South Indian tourists to this shrine in the Himalayas.

He also added that the department should develop the infrastructure and facilities that cater to South Indian devotees. Keeping in mind the diversity, a dedicated South Indian menu should be prepared. A training centre for the local communities should be opened to teach them to serve and cook South Indian delicacies.

The tourism department is also planning to deploy police to ensure the safety and convenience of tourists. They will also inspect illegal resorts and camps running in the state along with ensuring that local vendors do not extort tourists.

Story Behind This Iconic Temple

Kartik Swamy Temple
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Kartik Swamy temple has immense religious significance according to Hindu mythology. Lord Kartikeya had offered his bones as the testimony of his devotion here. The Lord was angry at his parents—Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati—for favouring their other son Lord Ganesha when both were asked to circumnavigate the universe.

This makes Kartik Swamy Temple a holy shrine to visit for Lord Karthikeya devotees.

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