Valentine’s Day Tweets To Tickle Your Funny Bone

    The Kind of Love I Find Creepy

    What you see below is a true story and happened this Valentine’s Day! Rumour has it, that this dude hired a car and gift wrapped it with Rs 2000 notes to sweep his sweetheart of her feet but got jailed instead. LOL! Insane right? Well, it was a brilliant publicity stunt by Zoomcar. Read all about it here.

    Curly Tales_Valentines Day_Twitter_15 February 2017

    Quick Question: How many notes did it take him to get jailed, look in the picture and let me know in the comments.

    The Kind Of Love I Find Romantic

    To be honest, I love the way Barack and Michelle Obama treat each other at least on Social Media and in public. They’re not just classy but also a treat to look at. To me, they are an epitome of couple goals.

    The One Who Drew The Defining Line Between Expectations & Reality

    The One Who Found A Date


    Or Maybe Not…

    The One Who Shared A Good News

    The One Who Was Hating On All Couples

    The One Who Is In A Relationship With His Job

    The One Who Was Hating On Valentine’s Day Itself

    The One Who Wants What He Wants

    The One With A Proposal

    The One Who Will Ruin Your Idea Of Urmila Matondkar Forever

    Don’t look at me, I had warned you already!


    Which Valentine’s Day tweet did you relate to the most? Tell me, I am very curious to know.

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    Sneha Pai
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