Valet Crashes Ferrari Worth ₹9.5 Crores With The Owner As The Witness

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Valet Crashes Ferrari Worth ₹9.5 Crores With The Owner As The Witness

You must have visited hotels which offer valet parking. A valet is an employee who would take your car keys from you and park your car. Not only is parking the car his job but also taking care of it is. Giving your car keys in someone else’s hand is not easy after all your car is your prized possession but you surely trust a valet. But in Monaco, a valet crashed a Ferrari which valued more than ₹9.5 crores. 

Valet Crashes Ferrari

A man who owned a beautiful Ferrari in Monaco gave away the keys of his car to a valet. The valet in Monaco’s opulent Monte Carlo crashed a Ferrari, much to the dismay of the luxury vehicle’s alleged owner. The value of this Ferrari was ₹9.5 crores. He probably left the car in gear and crashed it. The incident happened on Avenue des Spélugues in the wealthy centre of Monte Carlo, just a few feet from the famed Casino Square. The valet erred by leaving the royal blue LaFerrari in gear after parking it next to the pavement while he waited for the hypercar’s owner, which caused the accident.

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Owner Witnessed Valet Crashing His Ferrari

If you look at the video you will know how this accident actually happened. Initial reactions are positive, and after a time of waiting in the car, the valet finally gets out. The Ferrari‘s engine is still audible, and a short while later, it starts to accelerate. In an effort to save the situation, the valet scrambles back into the Ferrari and slams on the brakes, but not before the car collides with two scooters that were parked in front of it. The worst thing in the video is that the owner witnessed the valet crashing his Ferrari and all he could do was shout at the valet. 

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